Imaging technologies of the future

Our startup is engaged in the development and implementation of products based on the new, patent-pending technology of imaging. Using thin, glass-applicable light- control films and software with intuitive interface it allows you to create large format Lightfield Images with outstanding visual effects for commercial advertisement , tablets, smartphones and displays. Our mission - to bring Lightfield Imaging on streets all-over the world and revolutionize the face of indoor and outdoor advertisement.

Lightfield the world!



In its simplest implementation it uses light-control film of 200 microns with a self-cling PSA layer, applicable on any smooth transparent surface (glass or plastic) with an image source on its other side - vinyl sticker, or any other image carrier. You can use any standard equipment and sticker materials for these prints. Our software quickly encodes desired image with HD spatial resolution and without information loss. As a result you get very catchy Lightfield Image, that gives you about 5 times higher retention rate than conventional. The technology makes it possible to obtain Lightfield Images of any size with the depth of field from millimeters to several meters.


Glass-applyable Lightfield Films for producing spatial Images and FX on any of tranparent substrates: plastic and glass partitions, triplexes, doors, windows, e.t.c.

Film thickness - 200 - 300 um.

Visible 3D depth: up to 1.5 m

Viewing angle of 1 3D zone : 30° - 40°

Zones of continuos parallax: 3

Spatial resolution of CDP: HD

Format: up to A0

Thickness of substrate to be placed: 1  to 12 mm. 

Easy applyable, changeble and removable.  You can use applied film as many times as you wish, by changing only image source at the opposite side of the glass.



Our technology is able to bring true multiangle 3D on tablet screens, without loss of matrix resolution and touchscreen function. 


Visible 3D depth: up to 15 - 20 cm

Viewing angle of 1 3D zone : 15° - 20°

Zones of continuos parallax: 1 - 3

Spatial resolution of CDP: MD


Real-time 3D-Chat, 3D-photosessions

Future of TV-screens and the final goal of our project.

Full Depth DOF, no matrix resolution loss, no glasses needed, wide angle, touchscreen.


Visible 3D depth: up to 5 m

Viewing angle of 1 3D zone : 40 - 60°

Zones of continuos parallax: 1 - 3

Spatial resolution of far-field CDP: MD


Real-time 3D-Chats, games, simulators, etc.


 Lightfield Films for producing spatial images and special effects on plastic and glass partitions of cofee-machines. Bright, deep and catchable visual effect with backlight will bring more customers to your machines.


Film thickness - 200 - 300 um.

Visible 3D depth: up to 50 cm

Viewing angle of 1 3D zone : 30° - 40°

Zones of continuos parallax: 3

Spatial resolution of CDP: HD

Format: up to A0

Thickness of substrate to be placed:

1  to 12 mm.


Easy applyable, changeble and removeable. Just print your adv. on the same plastic partition on the same equipment, apply our 200 micron film and you will get any visual effect you want: Ligtfield 3D, morfing, motion, changing frames, e.t.c.


Riga, Latvia

Kruzes 2b


Vending mashines




In conventional methods you will be able to print every single design on thick plastic lenticular sheet. The deeper 3D effect you want - the thicker and heavier plastic sheet you need. After use you should scrap the film off and utilize it. Tons and tons of rigid plastic, covered by toxic ink… 

With our Thin Ligthfield Film technology you get even more depth and beauty with just 200 microns of self-clinging film! You don't have to print every time on new optical plastic anymore. Apply the film once and just change images behind it! Our technology can save up to 10 times more plastic material and at the same time have better visual effects!





Have you ever seen lenticular prints applied directly on glass? Probably not. Because it was impossible. Until now. Our technology gives you ability to cover all your glass partitions, doors and windows with bright thin-film 3D stickers! Easily changeable and removable without any trace! Just picture the convenience of Slicker technology. Its very easy to use. You print the image on the same self-cling "inside glass" vinyl on the conventional equipment, and with our film it turns to Lightfield Image - 3D, floating, morphing, anything you want for your advertisement.





Buy our film, apply it on glass just once, and then change your advertisement everyday, by printing inside glass stickers on any conventional printers. All you need for coding - simple software with intuitive interface. Actually, you even do not need any 3D specialist - you can easily code your images if you have its depth map. The Lightfield advertisement is a way to easily bring attention of public to your business. The attention will be brought because there is no technology like Slicker.... At least, for some time.  





No lenticular-strobing effect anymore!!! Microstructure of our film is invisible and the 3D image is moving flawless, as if it was actual object under glass. There is no accommodation conflict and "headache" caused by stereography because Slicker uses a completely different technology. It is true-lightfield, continuous-parallax image. Which means there is no difference between seeing actual object under the glass surface or seeing the objects lightfield. The object and lightfield are optically equivalent.





If you really want to know the truth, the souls of many red teddybears were exposed to pure light passing through 2 layers of confocally joined 30-micron structures and then suddenly those teddybears transformed into one, big, red, floating teddybear. We had countless conversations with professional optometrists and now we know it for sure - all other explanations are lies.